Monday, March 12, 2012

дан три!!

Day Three: Today was filled with interesting new experiences and people. We stayed local in Belgrade and visited mosques, synagogues, and a university. The day started with a look inside of Belgrade's only remaining mosque of the over 200 that existed during the Ottoman Empire. This was my first experience inside a mosque. The girls had to take their scarves and hats and cover all of their hair and stay as covered as possible. Before entering the mosque everyone was asked to remove their shoes and I, of course, found myself in a sort of uncomfortable situation. I had big, gaudy, USA socks on, purely for comfort reasons, and not to obnoxiously show off my patriotism. I was worried that I was representing American tourists in the wrong light, and the last thing I wanted to do was offend the man that had graciously given us a tour. Fortunately, I had leg warmers to cover up the socks for the duration of the visit. Once, my socks were off my mind, I enjoyed every minute of the tour! I guess it was just a minor mosque mishap!

 After that we walked around a bit and saw a fortresses and made our way to the University. We spoke with a lecture hall of English students and then met some of them one-on-one. It was fantastic to meet other students from a different culture and see what their views on Amercia were. We left the university and walked around until Milos took us to get delicious crepe/pancakes. We ended the night early so we could hangout and pack up to leave for Nis early tomorrow morning! So long for now!

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