Monday, March 12, 2012

Favorite Moments!

Hi all!
Just wanted to post a few of my favorite shots from the last few days.... :) 

 Day Two:
The group in Novi Sad! :) 

A few beautiful night shots from Novi Sad. Two buildings in the city and a Catholic church! 

Love the reflection! 

Getting to see St. Sava at midnight last night was truly a beautiful experience. The fountains were lit up so nicely against the church itself. 

Day three:
all of us in our socks! 

Inside the mosque. The beads were on the floor on the second level for those praying to use after they complete their prayers. 

We met some AMAZING students today at the University! It was awesome to get to talk to such friendly and funny people. 

From inside the synagogue. I thought it was a beautiful window! 

One of the government buildings in Belgrade! I love the colors of the sky against the dome. 

Climbing.... Or some of the group, anyway! 


It's been such an amazing experience so far! We're off to go discuss some of what we saw today and then pack and head to bed. Tomorrow will be an early and exciting day! :) 

Love to all,
Kristina & Team Serbia ;) 


  1. Kristina you're a Serbian goddess!! Joanne of Arc :D

  2. yeah... just like my mother