Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eating in Serbia -- what's different?

As in many parts of Europe, a late lunch is the main meal of the day in Serbia. Meals are often built around grilled meat. Dinner is usually something much lighter, and might be followed by walk or a visit to a pub. This makes our schedule a little different than what we're used to here in the US. Some of the things we will probably try are the Serbian version of gyros/doner kebab, pizza (it's different in every country!) and local sausage, cheese and bread. We may also try a Greek or Turkish restaurant. On Sunday, we'll have a meal with our host family. I've also been told there is a small restaurant of the "only locals go there" type in Zlatibor, which we might want to try, although our apartments also have kitchens. I'm just thinking we might not want the hassle of trying to put meals together after a long day! You can find pictures and descriptions of some typical Serbian food here.*

*where you can also see one of the disadvantages of the "anybody can edit a wiki" philosophy. I'll leave you to guess what I'm talking about, although since anybody can edit, perhaps the commentary will not be quite so inventive :-)

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